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Right now the following online calculations are ready for use. MKS, SI and FPS units are available.


Users can select a solid/gas/liquid fuel and customize it’s composition. The results include exhaust gas details like CO2, O2, N2, SO2, H2O and Gross Calorific Value, Net Calorific Value, Unit Wet Air, Unit Wet Gas and Unit Dry Gas.

Boiler Efficiency

This program calculates Boiler efficiency. Users can select a solid/gas/liquid fuel and customize its composition and enter excess air and other parameters.  The results include EfficiencyFired(GCV), EfficiencyBurnt(GCV), Efficiency(NCV), EfficiencyDetails(GCV), DryGasLoss, MoistureLoss(Produced+Fuel), MoistureinAir, TotalLosses,  GascompositionByVolume like SO2, O2, N2, CO2, H2O, GrossCalorificValue, NetCalorificValue, UnitWetAir, UnitWetGas and UnitDryGas

Steam Properties

Calculates steam properties like steam conductivity , Dynamic Viscosity , Kinematic Viscosity, Density , Steam Enthalpy, Sat Water Enthalpy and SaturationTemperature at given Pressure and Temperature.

Water Properties

Calculates water properties like  Conductivity , Dynamic Viscosity ,Kinematic Viscosity,  Density , Enthalpy, Specific Heat and Saturation Pressure at given Temperature.

Weight To Volume

Program to convert any Gas composition from weight basis to volume basis.

Volume To Weight

Program to convert any Gas composition from volume basis to weight basis.

Gas Properties

Calculates exhaust gas properties like  Conductivity , Specific Heat, Dynamic Viscosity , Kinematic Viscosity, ,Density at a given Temperature.